I just would like to write a story about why I live in Export.

First of all I am a small town kind of girl. I have lived in Export since I was a little girl and now an adult. I have at times moved in and out and now I'm back to stay. I loved hearing my parents telling me about the coal mines and their dads working in them. My grandfather Tony Draghi coming home and putting his coal bucket down and ready to eat some fresh baked bread and a pot of stew made by my grandmother.

There never was much money and times back then were rough for all. My grandmother had nine of her 14 children left to feed. Although not always the perfect role model they somehow survived.

My mother Maggie (Draghi ) Susich would tell me how she practically raised all of her brothers and sisters. Which was a lot to expect from an oldest child. She would tell me how they never had enough new shoes for the children and her brothers would trade off shoes to take turns going to school. My mom also would tell me about how they would bake bread and homemade pies and put them on the porch to cool, only to have a neighborhood boy come and still one.

Those are just a few of the stories that helped to make me love a small town feel.

I feel like Export with it's valleys and I am right in the middle of them,make it a postcard kind of town. I love the old houses, in fact I now live in one and I am very proud of it.

Now I bake and love to cook and hope that when someone comes to visit feels that small town feel and enjoys it. At my house you can come and have a cup of coffee or a glass  of iced tea and something baked. I truly enjoy that. Where can you go and have fresh eggs delivered and fresh produce from a well manicured garden that a long time old timer has brought for you. That man is John Yuris who takes pride in his older home and his garden. It's that kind of thing that I love about living here.

I walk on pretty much a daily basis and can carry on a conversation with my neighbors as I pass by. That is a good feeling in itself. It's the little things that go straight to the heart and make you proud to live in a small town. It's the kindness of the people around you when someone passes or is in need of a helping hand that the people of this town are there for you. It's when someone such as my Aunt has cancer and many people of this town pull together to give her that helping hand. those are the kind of things that will never be forgotten.

I could go on and on as to why I love Export, but I think I've given everyone the answer.

Proud to live here,
Rosalie Keough