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1. Call to Order, Roll Call, Pledge of Allegiance, a motion to accept the minutes of the Regular Meeting on August 3, 2021 and the minutes of the Special Meeting on August 17, 2021

2. Opportunity for citizen’s comments

3. Report of the Mayor

4. Secretary’s Report, presentation of the monthly bills, labor report, tax collection, insurance and approval and payment of monthly bills as presented

5. Sewage Department Report

  • Approval and payment of monthly bills presented
  • Approval and payment of Consent Order bill
  • Approval and payment of Sewer repair bill
  • Sewage Delinquency Report
  • FTMSA Meeting Correspondence

6. Public Works:

  • J.M. Hall Estate Trust Report
  • Review of construction change order request – CDBG 2021 Paving Program
  • Consider payment of paving program to Derry Construction under Mun. Agree. with Murrysville
  • CBDG Program – Status 2022
  • MAWC plan for 2022
    Approval and payment of Maintenance repair bills
  • Consider authorizing Gibson Thomas to look at hole near Yurinko property
    Maintenance Work Progress Sheet

7. Public Safety:

  • Mark Cypher’s report as UCC Official, code enforcement, zoning and Property Maint. Officer
  • New Occupancy Inspection Ordinance
    Animal Control
    UCC Code & Property Maintenance Progress Sheet

8. Announcements / Correspondence:

  • Reschenthaler – Pittman – Brooks
    New Demolition procedures for Westmoreland County

9. Old Business:

  • Export Historical Society update
  • Playground Fence – act on bids
  • Forestry – Borland Farm Rd status
  • Post Office – communication
  • Sign and approve documents for Refuse Contract

10. New Business:

  • Consider bid on walkway and planting between Train Station and Memorial
  • Update Grant Resolution 2021-7 with updated budget for $1959667.00
  • Commitment letter from Council for $45000 matching funds for grant
  • Playground use

11. Adjournment

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