We are glad you are here to learn about the history and heritage of our Export community.  Perhaps you can be a contributor.

Can you help identify any of these players or shed more light on the nature of Export's baseball team.

Submitted by Bill McHugh:  He knows that the man in the 2nd row on the right below the coach was his grandfather William McHugh.

The coach was Jim Schirey.  The picture is believed to be from around 1929.  If you have infor on this please email to the webmaster and we will update this page.

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I got this email story before the Centinnial but didn't have time to get it up till now. -- Jason web admin
It is from -Milo Wuslich
     I just spent a fruitless hour Googling for any information about that season, year, players, coach, anything, and came up with nothing. So, here's some of what I remember, before the nurse at the home keeps asking me, "What day is it, Milo? WHAT DAY IS IT, MILO??" I would love to read all of your corrections/additions to these memories.
     Three Serb Starters: Larry Lapcevic (smooth as silk ball handling forward), Tommy Lapcevic (forward, lefty, deadly from the baseline corners), Billy Stevicks (Center, rugged top rebounder). Then Hank Shawley (probably a Johnny Bull, playmaking lazy-eyed guard, making it tough for anyone to guess the destination of his passes, sometimes including his own teamates), and Jimmie Rulyak (tall, fast, reckless and exciting guard), I think he was Polish. At least his mother, Helen, was best friends with Aunt Barb. That year, I'm not sure but I believe we beat Bridgeville to get into the WPIAL Semi-finals? I was in 7th or 8th grade, and my little cousin Marcia Manovich and I took the bus to the Pitt Field House for that historic semi-final game and sat next to the WHJB Greensburg announcers in the stands.

We hope the whole community will take note that the memorial bricks are in.  Take a walk down to the corner and read some of the names there.  You'll also find the marker for the time capsule to be opened 50 years from now.
Last Saturday  it was my privilege to spend the day honoring the 100 year old birthday of the grand old town of Export. I want to personally thank all the dedicated volunteers who worked tirelessly and unselfishly for many hours, days and months putting this event together. It went off flawlessly as the rain stopped just as the parade started. The music, food, displays and fireworks were really  first class. It was wonderful to see and hear people recall and share their memories of the past. It was so gratifying to see my mother (92 ), her brother (97), and sister (82) enjoy this special day as they so proudly recanted stories of Export's early years. It was equally satisfying talking to my  contemporaries about their  memories and happy  times growing up in our town.

Thanks again  to the volunteers and committees, you made  me proud as always to be born and raised in Export.

Tony Cherrone
Class of 1960