November 1, 2022 Agenda

Monthly Meeting

1. Call to Order, Roll Call, Pledge of Allegiance, a motion to accept the minutes of the  Regular Meeting on October 4, 2022.

2. Opportunity for citizen’s comments

3. Report of the Mayor and Presentation of the 2023 Proposed budget

4. Secretary’s Report, presentation of the monthly bills, labor report, tax collection, insurance and approval and payment of monthly bills as presented

5. Sewage Department Report

Approval and payment of monthly bills presented

Approval and payment of Consent Order bills

Approval and payment of Sewer repair bills

Sewage Delinquency Report

FTMSA Meeting Correspondence 

Report of Consent Order Agreement

Disconnection of taps for properties with water shut offs-letter

Smoke testing in the borough to comply with COA update

FTMSA agreements for sewer work performed

Manhole on Lee

Camera work on deficient main lines

6. Public Works:

J.M. Hall Estate Trust Report

Approval and payment of Maintenance repair bills

Maintenance Work Progress Sheet

CDBG prep for 2022 paving/sewer line improvements/updates

Maintenance Contract – Advertise

Truck Grant

Detention Pond Investigation

Paving update with gas company

Project for Borough Building furnace/air handler


Parking Lot Improvements

Trail Extension

Investigation of water detention on Washington Avenue

7. Public Safety:

Mark Cypher’s report as UCC Official, code enforcement, zoning and Property Maintenance  Officer

Animal Control

UCC Code & Property Maintenance Progress Sheet

8. Announcements / Correspondence:

Reschenthaler – Pittman – Brooks

9. Old Business:

Export Historical Society update

Landlord License update

Borland property status

Post Office –complaints

Mine entrance update

Export Business Association Update

Grants – 2022 Survey / New application for Small Water and Sewer Grant / updates

10. New Business:

Resolution 2022-8 Act 57 Tax Resolution

11. Adjournment

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