International Interest, A Request by Paffumi E.

Dear Mr Carnley,

I am sorry to disturb you. I am not sure you are the right person to contact for this.

I tried to look for an email address or phone number for contacting the town hall of Export, but I could not find any information, just this site.

I explain you better. I am looking for my grand-grand father information, expecially a record on his death , in Export. He came to Export ,Pa, on 1914 and when supposed to come back to Italy on October 1917 he never did. They said he died. I supposed his death is registered in the town hall.
My grandmother (97 years old) never met his father. So, it would be nice if I can find some information on him, like , the mine were he was working at or death certificate etc.

I thank you very much for you attention and I am sorry to have contacted you for this.
If you have any number or link to the town city hall, I will be very please about.

Many thanks in advance
Best regards
Paffumi E.

Obviously we will have to get more info and research this but hopefully this will turn into a wonderful story if any record concerning her great-grandfather could be uncovered.

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