June 4, 2024 Agenda

  • Call to Order, Roll Call, Pledge of Allegiance, a motion to accept the minutes of the Regular Meeting on May 7, 2024.
  • Opportunity for citizen’s comments – 3 minute limit per topic
  • Report of the Mayor
  • Secretary’s Report, presentation of the monthly bills, labor report, tax collection, insurance and approval and payment of monthly bills as presented
  • Sewage Department Report
    • Approval and payment of monthly bills presented, consent order bills and sewer repair bills
    • Sewage Delinquency Report
    • FTMSA Meeting Correspondence
    • Report of Consent Order Agreement
    • Disconnection of taps for properties with water shut offs – letter
    • Smoke testing in the borough to comply with COA update
    • Sewer Line Grants – Buchanan Street Contract
    • Sewer line maintenance and related work
    • FTMSA Grease Program
    • LTCP communication and requirements of work
    • Consent Order Status
    • Sewer Line Upgrades
  • Public Works:
    • M. Hall Estate Trust Report
    • Approval and payment of Maintenance repair bills
    • Maintenance Work Progress Sheet
    • CDBG – Application / Projects
    • Detention Pond Investigation
    • Gas line replacement and related work
    • Paving with Murrysville
    • Parking Lot Improvements
    • Water Company Communication
    • Turnback Program Italy Road
  • Public Safety:
  • Mark Cypher’s report as UCC Official, code enforcement, zoning and Property Maint. Officer
  • Animal Control – Maria present
  • UCC Code & Property Maintenance Progress Sheet
  • House number identification ordinance and compliance
  • Review and Update Property Maintenance Code
  • EVFD Insurance Policy Renewal


  • Announcements / Correspondence:
  • Cooper – Lee – Fetterman
  • Old Business:
  • Export Historical Society update
  • Borland property status
  • Mine entrance update
  • Export Business Association update
  • Grants
  • Salt Bin Project / Maintenance Building
  • Elimination of old poles
  • New Business
  • Playground Program
  • Computer Upgrade
  • Adjournment

A Look Back At The Turtle Creek Industrial Railroad

Join the Export Historical Society on March 24’th as we take a look at the old railroad running between Trafford and Export. This is the current route of the Westmoreland Heritage Trail. We will be watching a 50 minute documentary on the railroad shot in 1991. This would be appealing to both railfans as well as avid users of the trail. We will also be joined by the guys that used to run the railroad. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about the history of the trail and also see how much things have changed since 1991 along the corridor.

March 24, 2024 – Export Train Station – 2-5 PM


2023 Light Up Night and Cookie Crawl


The Export Light Up Night and Cookie Crawl will be on Friday, December 1’st from 6-9PM. Get your cookie crawl punch card at the Fire Department. Santa will be arriving at 7 in the fire hall. The Moose will have a fish fry from 4-8. Everybody knows it’s the best fish around! The basket raffle will also take place at the Moose at 9. Come down! It’s a fun event.


The annual Export Ethnic Food and Music Festival is being held on Saturday, August 19. The following are restrictions on traffic and parking for the weekend beginning on Friday, August 18.


GALE COURT: No entry/exit starting 11:00 am Friday 8/18. Re-opens 8 am Sunday 8/20.

DOWNTOWN MUNICIPAL PARKING LOT: VENDOR PARKING ONLY-PASS REQUIRED. Closed Friday 8/18 at 11:00 pm. Re-opens 8 am Sunday 8/20. Through traffic to Polk/Madison/Lincoln Avenue permitted.

WASHINGTON AVENUE: Closed Friday 11:00 pm – Sunday 8:00 am.

LINCOLN AVENUE: Lower end closed to parking/through traffic at 7:00 am Saturday 8/19 till 11:00 pm 8/19. Detour via parking lot, Polk Street, Madison Avenue.

BRICK HILL ROAD: Closed to through traffic 7:00 am Saturday through 10:00 pm Saturday.

WESTMORELAND HERITAGE TRAIL PARKING: Parking available only at eastern end of Community Park Road (limited available). This becomes a pay lot after 11:00 am. Additional trail parking available across from former Meiers Hardware building.

Please help keep everyone safe by using caution in congested areas.  Export Borough thanks you for your cooperation!

Street Opening/Excavation Permits

Street Opening and Excavation Permits are required whenever any work or excavation is to be performed on/in any Public Street or Right of Way in the Borough of Export.  No work can start until a permit application is received and approved by the Borough of Export or the Borough of Export’s Engineer and a permit is issued.  Compliance with Export Borough Ordinance 2023-01 will be strictly enforced.  Substantial fines and penalties exist for noncompliance.

The permit application can be downloaded from the link below:

401 – Permit Application for Street Opening Ordinance 2023-1

2023 Export Ethnic Food and Music Festival Vendor Forms

There are two different vendor forms for this year. One is for food vendors, and one is for everything else. The price for Food Vendors is $100.00 until June 1’st. After June 1’st, the price is $150.00. Non-Food Vendors are $50.00 until June 1’st, and $100.00 after June 1’st. The deadline for both types of vendors is July 15.

Vendor form 2023_food


vendor form 2023_nonfood